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Only The Best At C2 Tactical - Our AREA338 VIP Membership

We’d love to tell you all the reasons why you should join the AREA338 club, but we promise you’ll fall even more in love when you come visit. Give us a call to setup a tour of the most exclusive Scottsdale gun club!

If you can’t make it in, this Virtual Tour will at least start to peak your interest.

What You Get with Your Membership:

  • Free Shooting Range time on the exclusive AREA338 shooting lanes
  • Concierge Services
  • Exclusive use of the AREA338 space for you & your guests
  • Free use of Live-Action Simulator for AREA338 members in the AREA338 space
  • Corporate Memberships are available. Inquire with an AREA338 representative
  • Discounts on ammunition, accessories, and firearms
  • Free Select Targets
  • Free handgun, shotgun, and rifle rentals
  • An allotment of free guest passes per year
  • Free advanced lane reservations on the exclusive AREA338 shooting lanes (6 lanes)
  • Private entrance into the 6 lanes and the exclusive social entertainment area

Why You Should Join:

  • Be among the elite shooters in Scottsdale & Phoenix
  • Get exclusive deals on ammo, firearms, courses, and much more with your VIP Membership
  • Entertain your family and friends anytime you come visit us
  • Host your company party or even a meeting with us in our available conference room

What It Costs:

  • $200 monthly or $2,400 annually
  • Plus an initiation fee – $4,500
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